Bucket List #1, checked. What an amazing part of the United States of America

Sept 26 – Oct 10, 2020. The original plan was to travel directly to Yellowstone from Texas, breaking up the 1,200 mile trip with one stop in New Mexico or Colorado depending on how we felt. Prior to departing, I learned that a dear friend was working in southern Wyoming, and had sent me a photo of wild horses that were near his work location which happened to be way out in the sticks, literally! Wild horses intrigued me and something I had never considered photographing before so plan B was developed. We would add three additional days to the beginning of the trip that had is staying in a small town in the southern part of Wyoming in the town of Baggs.

Baggs, Wyoming

Wild horses out in BLM land in southern Wyoming

Heart Six Ranch

Heart Six Ranch at dusk as the horses were returned to their pasture to run freely for the night