1991 Maxton Rollerskate

This little roadster happens to be the very first production vehicle (VIN: 0001), one of 50 that were produced in Englewood, Colorado in 1991.

Back in the late 1990’s I was wanting to build a kit car that could be powered by a rotary engine since I had quiet a bit of experience with them, knowing they were light, and could make respectable power. Then one day while visiting a friends repair shop, I see this car in the show room and say to him: Wow, this carĀ  would be a perfect fit for a rotary engine. He replies and says: It’s got one in it! Turns out the car was designed around a RX7 and having a donor RX7 for the drivetrain. Engine, transmission and differential. On October 24th, 2000, I purchased the car with a mere 511 miles on the odometer. I obviously began to explore with what felt like, driving a large go-cart. Sitting in the seat, you can almost reach out and touch the ground.