In August 2021, Gail and I Joined by our good friends, John & Tammy Burden embarked on our first riverboat cruise that sailed the Castles along the Rhine between Basil, Switzerland and Amsterdam, Netherlands on the Uniworld luxury cruise ship S.S. Antoinette.  As it was the first week, post COVID, the ship had only 40% occupancy, thus the experience and service was exceptional. We all agreed that this cruise far exceeded our expectations, by seeing and exploring places from a totally different perspective, which was from the ship looking inland on either side of the river. Usually, it would be the other way around.

The Cruise along the Rhine—Germany on one side, France on the other. Alsace, whose dual French and German heritage has given it fabulous food and a winemaking tradition that goes back to the Romans. We marvel at castles that were once mighty fortresses and we had an insider’s look at the impressive Rheinstein Castle. We visit historic cities that included ancient Cologne and picturesque Strasbourg, strolled through the fairytale town of Rüdesheim, and tasted delightful white wines in the villages where the grapes are grown. Stops included Breisach, Strasbourg, Speyer, Rüdesheim and Boppard, Cologn and Amsterdam.

S.S. Antoinette docked at our stop in Strousberg

Basil, Switzerland was where we began this wonderful cruise, arriving a day early so we had time to acclimate to the time change and explore the city. It was unseasonably hot, so shorts were the attire.