The 50 foot Trimiran “Windspray”




Designed by world renown Engineer/Architect, Norman Cross.

Norman Cross, the seminal multihull designer, was a native of Canada. Before embarking on a career in yacht design, he worked for Ford Motor Company, and spent 16 years with General Dynamic’s Convair Division, Department of Wind-tunnel Model Design and Towing Basin Testing. Later he moved to San Diego, California where he remained for most of his life. In the 1950’s he began designing multihull sailing craft, the first of which were catamarans. He began full time multihull development in 1968 when he started drawing the many trimarans for which he most noted, especially among amateur builders.



Built in Durban, South Africa in the late 1970’s  by the Smith Family :Ernie, Lillian & Gerald, in their Durban North home’s from yard


  • Constructed of marine plywood and fiberglass
  • Ketch Rigged
  • Sail Area 880 sq. ft.
  • Length 50′
  • Beam 27′
  • Draft 4′ 6″
  • Mast 45′
  • Engine 37hp Yanmar Diesel
  • Walker SatNav
  • Radar
  • Ham Radio

A trimaran is a multi hull boat consisting of a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls, attached to the main hull with lateral struts. The design and names for the trimaran components are derived from the original proa constructed by native Pacific Islanders.

Once in a Lifetime

In the early part of 1982 while living in a 2 story , 6 room rent house with 4 guys and 2 gals, an opportunity presented itself:

“Who wanted to take 5 years and circumnavigate the world” 

Without ever setting foot on an ocean going yacht, I committed to joining the Smith family on this adventure.

In about 4 months, I literally sold everything I owned and joined the boat against the advice from my dear mother and family. “Your’e crazy”

It turned out to be one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life

Under Construction

Building Windspray at the Smith residence, in their front yard in Durban North

Note the Indian Ocean in the background

Windspray under construction

Freshley painted

1982 and fresh paint

A lot of hard work went into preparing by ensuring all the electrical, navigation, charging, refrigeration and propultion systems were in top notch shape 

Durban Yacht Club

Windspray dockside headed out for a day sail for the day


Beginning in May 1982, this adventure began by sailing up the east coast of African the Indian Ocean between Africa and Madagascar 

Cape Town to St Helena