This self-drive safari turned out to be one of our best adventures ever! Nothing but sand roads, bush, wild animals, remote camp sites and NO outside communication. We were truly out in the boon docks and oh my, it was absolutely fantastic. Additionally, it would be the first time I would vacation and be with my brother Graham, and sister Lorraine, in over 50 years!

Our rented 4×4 vehicles (except for Rodney & Barbar’s Land Rover) were our transportation, accommodation and kitchen, with the fold-up tent on the top of the truck that kept us safe, literally, from the roaming lions at night! We couldn’t see the Lion’s until we woke in the morning and see the massive footprints in the sand at the bottom of the ladder, but we surely could hear them.  

Botswana Safari Crew 2017. L-R: Ken, Brian, Gail, Graham, Anthoula, Lorraine, Rodney & Barbra.

More details and photographs to follow: