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We have been busy during the off season preparing the car for 2006. Our goal is to have all of the updates and modifications complete so that we can test the car in Florida toward the end of January.

Because we want to be doing a lot more of this in 2006, WINNING:

We're doing the following:

bullet The titanium bell housing was sent in for re-certification.
bullet The clutch was sent back to RAM for service and re-certification
bullet The turbo has been sent back to Precision Turbo for service and a slight modification
bullet The fuel injectors have been sent in for service and flow calibration.
bullet The transmission was inspected and repaired
bullet The old engines have been freshened up
bullet A new and improved exhaust manifold is being built which will also permit us to add an additional Innovate O2 sensor for each rotor. This will improve our tuning ability tremendously.
bullet We are building two new engines that will have the necessary "stuff" to make a lot more power. Currently we are producing in excess of 900 RWHP and expect the new engines to produce at least 1,100 RWHP.
bullet The data logger has been upgraded by Edelbrock so that we can record more data which will, among other things, include suspension travel at all four corners.
bullet We will be adding some brand new MicroTech features thanks to our friends in Australia.
bullet A fire suppression system is being installed to make the car safer and meet the new 2006 rule requirements.
bullet The turbo plumbing will be improved by remove the hose and clamps and V band clamps added.
bullet We are in the process of looking at fiber glass doors to reduce weight so that we will be close to our minimum of 2000 lbs.

With all of the above changes, additional horsepower, the clutch figured out and having the confidence in the car, I fell very comfortable predicting this RX-8 will run mid 7 second mile ETs at approximately 175 mph.

We know we will have excellent competition and I am very excited about having to opportunity to compete with the likes of Justin Humphreys in the Lexus and Dee Koragiannis in the fast 93 RX-7. The thought of side by side, mid 7 second passes will be exciting for us as drivers and especially for the fans and the series.

Our team is planning to attend all events in the 2006 NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Series. Having won at Moroso Motorsports Park track in the All Motor RX-7 and last year in the RX-8 (our first win with the RX-8), we feel optimistic about winning the 2006 opener.

We are still actively seeking sponsorship to assist this successful privateer race team to move to the next level and be a force to be reckoned with at every race. We invite any interested party to contact us at .

We will keep you posted on any new developments when they happen. Be safe and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God bless America.

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