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It's amazing what a little BOOST will do!

Once I had this car on a road coarse with the 180 hp, I soon discovered it needed a lot more brakes and better shocks plus it was LOUD. I tried all kinds of mufflers but nothing helped quieting it down so I had a new, small GReddy T4 laying around doing nothing which I had originally purchased for my Turbo II so with w little exhaust manifold fabrication, changing the MAP sensor to a 2-Bar, I was in for a real surprise.

With the same 1/2 bridge Cosmo and a '93 intake with no intercooler and 5 psi of boost, it make 264 hp to the tire. Its scary but a blast.

I'll have to find the Dyno sheet.

Now with new adjustable shocks on all 4 corners, progressive front springs and improved brake master cylinders, the car is much more comfortable driving on the street and on the track. The turbo reduced the annoying rotary overlap sound significantly which makes it a pleasure again.

Eagles Canyon turn 5

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