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STR-2 Turbocharged

The 2013 rules were modified and with a 7.5 Lbs/Hp rule, I thought I would take advantage the rules as my car weighs 1830 Lbs and decided to purchase the Ecotec LNF, 2.0 liter, Direct Injected, turbocharged engine. This will require additional fabrication of exhaust, intake intercooler and wiring as it uses a different Engine Control Unit. (ECU) This package should provide approximately 230 RWHP with the stock engine configuration.


Following the MSRH race late January 2013, I learned that the wing was a total drag so before the engine swap and prior to MSRC, I raised the wing up 6 1/2" by fabricating some extension mounts on my mill. Also new will be the new Hoosier slicks which should be a huge improvement from what we were using.


Below: Following the MSRC Race March 17, this is the LNF beauty that will be replacing the LE5.


Stay Tuned for updates.

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