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Handing over the steering wheel for the very fist time

December 3, 2008. For the first time ever, I handed over the steering wheel to a trusted friend Edwin "Loquito Killer" Burgos of Narajito, PR so that I could witness how the car looks and reacts from the outside first hand. I have to be very honest, I was nervous as all get-out before the fist pass but once I saw how Edwin handled the car and how the car went down the track, I was excited to see it run a 7.42 with only 36 pounds of boost in the second pass.

This plan had been in the works for a few months but timing and other issues did not permit it to happen sooner. However, I was very happy with what I witnessed first hand and learned a few things that hopefully, we can implement and make the car a little better. Unfortunately for the Edwin and the fans at the track this night, I had installed a new D200 Dash the day before and forgot to enable the boost controller function and as a result, Edwin still managed to whip up on Pica, run a 7.42 second elapsed time with just the wastegate controlling the boost. See the video on the Video Page

     Edwin familiarizing himself with the cockpit!

The night before we went over to Salinas Speedway after analyzing the data I recorded during the Carolina event, I need to replace the 10 fuel injectors because on an imbalance between the front and rear rotor AFR, check the rear shocks and service the clutch. This was the reason we took the car over to Edwin's home as we had a place to work in his garage. We did all of the above with success with the exception of getting the clutch right for the first pass. My bad but the track and conditions were much better plus the engine war definitely making more power with the injectors delivering the correct amount of fuel.


To summarize the evening, it was a unique and exhilarating experience to see my car blast away from the starting line, twitching ever so slightly to the left but after that it was straight down Broadway until the chute deployed then faded into the dark shut down area. Thank you Edwin for showing me "how it's done", especially hitting the shift points in the first 3 gears.



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