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Some of you know and some of you don't know that I spent two years sailing and traveling beginning in 1982. As time permits, I will be scanning some of the hundreds of photographs and recalling some memorable and exciting moments during this period.


This sailboat, a 50-foot Trimaran built in Durban, South Africa in the late 70's by Ernie & Gerald Smith. It is a Norman Cross design and was constructed of marine plywood and fiberglass. I always referred it to as a "floating tennis court" because it was very spacious, beautiful and fast for a sailboat or yacht in it's day, compared with a mono hull or the traditional yacht or sailboat.

Its specifications: 50' long and had a beam of 27' (width) drew 4' 6", ketch rigged with approximately 880 sq ft of working sail area. It was a beautiful site to see under sail.

A trimaran is a multi hull boat consisting of a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls, attached to the main hull with lateral struts. The design and names for the trimaran components are derived from the original proa constructed by native Pacific Islanders.

To be continued.


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