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October 22 - 23, 2005

What an exciting week end for the team! Anthony Bulger joined me for the final trip to California, we recorded our personal best ET during qualifying leaving us extremely optimistic Saturday evening about what the elimination rounds may bring although we had a few "issues" and finally, we enjoyed seeing all the fans and competitors who follow the series for the final time in 2005.

With the new engine and clutch combination we had in the car following our very good test, on a very slick and green track we unloaded out of the trailer and with not so good track conditions, we ran our fastest ET to date. That being 8.179 at 140.99 mph and I lifted just prior to the 1000' mark! The car had a quicker MPH in the 1/8th mile than in the 1/4.

Qualifying-1 looked like this:                        Qualifying-2:


60'           1.162                                        1.150


330'          3.322                                        3.260


660'          5.096 @ 141.31 mph                   5.096 @ 128.81


1000'        6.667                                         6.940


1320'        8.179 @ 140.99                           8.746 @ 118.93 (No 5th gear)

With only 2 rounds of qualifying, Anthony and I removed the transmission to inspect and find out why I could not engage 5th gear. Other than minor wear as you would expect, we did not find a reason and reassembled the transmission, adjusted the linkages (which were off), adjusted the clutch and packed up for the day in preparation for the elimination rounds. Although the engine was really strong and had a miss at each shift, I added fuel to the map thinking it was lean. After removing the transmission back in our shop, I found the cause of the 5th gear problem to be the shifter mounting extension plate bent and cracked.

Sundays first round was against Ali in his Subaru. We were fortunate enough to defeat him even though it turned out we still had no 5th gear with a 9.671 @ 106 mph. A bye run, still without 5th gear produced a 8.812 @ 128.04 mph.

The ALL MAZDA final against Dee Karagiannis in his fast '93 RX-7 was disappointing as I was really wanting to put on a good show for the fans but "it was handed it to me" from the 60' marker on. Congratulations to Dee and Russ for being great champions, racers and now friends. I look forward to racing them again in 2006.

Summing up the week end, we were fast out of the trailer as I had expect, bad tuning decisions on my part slowed us down as the car missed at each gear shift and the lack of 5th gear really threw a wrench in the works. Fortunately, we went to the final round and ended up in 2nd place for the event and 4th in the 2005 Modified Championship. Not bad for our rookie year in Modified!

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate my good friend Jesus Padilla for his outstanding season and yet another All Motor National Championship along with all the other champions.


All things considered, 2005 was what we should have expected with this brand new car and I am extremely optimistic about this teams chances in 2006.


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