An epic photography workshop spanning 12 days in Chile and Argentina.

Preparation for this trip began back in May with a lot of questions on what camera gear to take, what to wear for the “spring” weather down in the Southern Hemisphere and how to pack, especially the backpack that would be used on a daily basis for photography, and for the two day hike up to Lago Torres from El Chalten that had to include tent, food, water and of coarse, the camera gear and tripod. The preparation also included loading up the backpack and walking between 5 and 7 miles around the neighborhood usually twice a week to get in shape. More about that later! Investing in the appropriate clothing from sensible layers, jackets and rain gear was well worth the investment. I needed every bit of it!

This Hudson Henry photography workshop that included the Patagonia areas in Chile and Argentina. The video below provide a great summary of the people and places we photographed.

A happy camper during the epic adventure

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