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The product that ignites this powerful Rotary engine

There are very few manufacturers who can claim they have been a part of some of the most prestigious MotorSports history, records and performance in the world. One of those few has to be NGK Spark Plugs.

NGK Spark Plus are the ONLY choice of Team Ken Scheepers' powerful 2-Rotor, turbo charged, methanol burning screaming rotary powered Mazda RX-8 drag car. Producing in excess of 900 RWHP from a 1.3 liter (80cu in) engine requires a spark plug that can "take the heat" and dish it out. The NGK racing spark plugs used by this team produce reliability and consistency like no other. Simply stated, they are the best, period.

There are some things that may very seldom be seen or observed on a race cars engine when the fans walk through the pits. One of them has to be the spark plus. That said, we are making it known which brand of spark plug is used by our team.

As with other product we use, we chose to use NGK Spark Plugs in our race engines because they are the only racing spark plug manufactured for the rotary engine as far as we are concerned. Mazda has in the past and present used them in their race engines with championship winning success. In fact NGK Spark Plugs (are the only spark plug that I am aware of) that are sold to racers through Mazda's racer support program.

In addition to my personal experience with the racing rotary engine, I have used NGK Spark Plugs for many years dating all the way back to the late 70's and early 80's when I raced in several forms of motorcycle racing from Motocross to Speedway racing and believe it or not, Side-Car racing.

I would like to thank NGK Spark Plugs, USA for their continued support of our race team. We simply would not be the same team without your support and knowledge. Please visit the official NGK web site and you will see for yourself that there are many very successful professional racing teams and organizations that use the best spark plug in the world.

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