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Personal Best 189.04 MPH during qualifying


With a completely new setup including engine management, intake manifold, throttle body and a totally revamped clutch, I approached this event as a "Test Session" to evaluate the wholesale changes and get a feel weather we made any progress or not.

Based on the new manifold and throttle body and BIG 325# injectors I was installing, I wouldn't need all the injector driver the Electromotive TEC3R has to offer so I thought the new Electromotive TECgt was the answer. The added bonus of using the TECgt is (in my opinion) easier to use software and more importantly, faster processor and CAN Bus communication between the D200 dash logger and the TECgt. The CAN logging speed will provide improved accuracy when evaluating performance.

I have to say thanks to Pito and the guys for all of the effort (working late into the night) they put into the fabrication of the new intake system. Saturday morning, we managed to crank up the brand new engine. It sounded awesome and very different with a much faster and crisper throttle response. We all know that sitting in the shop running it doesn't mean a thing. The question was what would it do on the dyno and on the track?

How about 834 hp at 35 psi after three pulls? Wow this was encouraging even though it was very rich. That was all we did because I hate this car on the dyno and know from experience that the tune is NEVER correct once the car hits the track. The tune was left as it was so we loaded up and headed to West Palm Beach.

With the "new" clutch which was service by RAM Clutches, I softened it up a little from the previous match race settings in anticipation for the more aggressive clutch and the new power low down. I just had no idea it would just blow the tires off the way it did.

The first qualifying pass was intended solely as a test pass. If it went well, I would drive through and if not, I would do the smart thing and get out of it. Right! The moment I let the clutch go, the car lurched forward and just blew the tires out form underneath it. So violent was the shaking, it was like sitting on a jack hammer! Naturally, I backed out of the gas and was ready to abort the pass but in a split second I change my mind. The car was dead in the middle of the track and since this new track is so wide and long, I got back in the gas and went for it. Again, I owe a great deal of gratitude to Tito Chassis for a remarkable car as it hooked back up and the result was my personal best speed in a quarter mile. 189.04 MPH

The data showed the clutch locking up immediately, bogging the engine down to 7300 rpm, the boost was down to 23 psi, a bad 1.12 60-foot and I was out of the gas for 1.7 seconds and it still ran that speed. I was convinced at that point that the car had a LOW SEVEN SECOND PASS in it, all I had to do was get the new power to the ground effectively. Ha, easier said than done.

To be continued.

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