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April 4th, at the new Palm Beach International Raceway


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My first race in 2009 is expected to be a real crowd pleaser with NSCRA. Check out the web site at

The Nuclear Banana has undergone a little surgery to remove a little weight which will help a lot. I am anticipating a weight reduction of about 130 lbs form new fiber glass doors in stead of the original factory metal doors and I will again try tuning without the heavy intercooler and plumbing. I expect the car to weigh in just a tad under 200 lbs. Additionally, the rocker panels have been modified, now going straight down to assist with the aerodynamics. Unfortunately, I don't have any spy pictures of the car with it's new look as my friends are making me wait until I fly down for the event. I can't wait.

In addition to the event, I am also excited to be able to compete at the brand new Palm Beach International Raceway. Formally the old
Moroso Motorsports Park where I have had won 3 Wally's, this new track is a totally revamped and from what I am told, is now an awesome track and facility.
Lets hope I can keep the streak going.

April 12, 2009:    I have to say, the race weekend had to be one of my all time favorites for several reasons.



I was amazed at how the car turned out, thanks to ALL who had a part from fiber glass, fabrication, painting and dedicated assistance. It was obvious to me that many hours had been spent thrashing to get it done by Friday.


The car looked completely different and to be very honest, it grew on me the more I looked at it especially after countless fans and racers alike commented how much they preferred the "new" look with minimal graphics and plain yellow.


The car lost 140 lbs as a result of replacing the steel doors with Pimar Fiberglass RX8 doors and removing the intercooler and associated hardware. That is big! The car tipped the scales at 2,032 lbs. Thank you PITO!


The RX8 now officially wears the name NUCLEAR BANANA


Palm Beach International Speedway is without a doubt one of the best Drag Strips I have ever driven on. Personally seeing what the new owners have done is absolutely phenomenal and breath taking. It is truly a beautiful Motorsports facility. Additionally I want to add how professional and dedicated the staff are to making the racers and fans feel welcome. My hat's off to you!


The track "hooks" so well at the starting line that my great 2007 clutch set-up needed to be changed and since I only had three attempts to get it right, I stlii did not get a handle on it consequently bogging the engine every time the car left the line with a best 60-foot time of 1.12 seconds.


To Mazda, Mazdaspeed and Mickey Thompson Tires, it was and honor to have your support and come out the king at the end. Thank you for your support.


What can I say about Tito Chassis, This man knows how to set up a Sport Compact drag car like other in my humble opinion. The car launched straight down the center of the track on every single attempt. Some fans even commented after seeing the in-car video that I could have taken the steering wheel off and still gone straight down the middle of the lane.


Finally, although I had not driven this car since we last competed last year in Puerto Rico, it was evident I had not lost my ability to perform on the starting line when it counted. I almost equaled my best reaction time of 0.053 with a 0.084 in the first match which equaled a 1/10th advantage on the starting line.

I am honestly delighted with this result and we would all have to agree, West Palm Beach/Moroso has to be my favorite track with a total of 4 Victories between the All Motor and Modified cars. To all the fans who attended and the ones who were following the results on line, I know enjoyed this event hosted by the new Sanctioning body, NSCRA. I am looking forward to the next event on May 3rd, 2009.

Look out 3/4 Chassis racers, the NUCLEAR BANANA is going to surprise you.

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