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Moroso Motorsports Park. West Palm Beach, Florida
NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Series New All Motor Record!
10.259 @ 129.92 MPH
My very first "Wally"

On our way down to Moroso, we stopped in to see our friend Jesus Padilla's Shop, Kilo Racing. He showed us around and introduced us to several of his friends there. We got to see some of the other race cars he's built and raced over the years. From there it was off to his house to pick up a few items and then south to the track 3 hours away, were we dropped off our trailer's. A quick shower at the hotel and off to dinner with Jesus and the Florida gang.


Saturday we started off qualifying process with a 10.375 at 127.91 MPH pass. This put us in the number 1 Qualifier position as well as open the ability for us to cinch the NHRA All Motor Record if we could back the pass up. This was our BEST EVER run in the car. To make sure we got the record Ken decided to lay down a 10.348 at 128.40 MPH to push the record further and cinch it.

Sunday Morning was our last qualifying round. So we decided to try a little something different. It didn't work so we went back to the old settings we had run all weekend long. Then it was time for the first round of Eliminations were on a Bi-Run Ken ran a 10.396 at 125.26 MPH. Second Round we had to run Angel Valentine, a good friend with fast RX-7 to boot.


Angel had been fighting with the car all weekend and wasn't on top of his game. We know that he will soon over come the problems he had and be stiffer completion at the next event.

On to our third round were we meet up with Jesus, who we knew might be holding back some power, so Ken push the pedal a little further to squeeze out a 10.259 at 129.92 MPH. A new All Motor record!


  The final round (Above) matched us with Scott Mohler and Team Mopar. We lined the cars up and the lights on the tree flashed down. Ken didn't see Scott Red Light, and started reeling him in quick at the thousand foot mark but thought he had lost the race when it was over. But this wasn't the case, A 10.653 @ 126.89 MPH, indicating the hot conditions had an effect on the engine power.


As they say in racing, a win is a win and after two years of trying, I finally had my first Wally!

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