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Our drag tires of choice

Without a consistent, reliable and durable drag tire, there is no way anyone could compete competitively in this sport. This team has been using Mickey Thompson ET Drag slicks since the beginning and we have never had any issues. What we have had is success because we have been able to rely on our tires every single time we have tested and competed.

When this team first began to compete in the professional categories (All Motor RX-7) and we had to make a choice of what tire to use. We received overwhelming recommendations from a lot of racers to use the Mickey Thompson ET DRAG slick. That's what we purchased and we have used these tires ever since.

Today we use the Mickey Thompson ET DRAG slick on our Modified RX-8. Specifically, we use the P# 3073R, 31.25/12.2R15W drive tires and the Front Runners are fitted with the P# 3003 - 25.0/4.5-15.

We all have choices but the reason we chose to stick with this brand is because if you look around the pits, there are a quiet a few fast pro cars running ET Drag's. In addition to the tires superior performance on the different tracks we compete at, the tires consistency and durability make setup changes easier and when we have needed support or a recommendation, the folks at Mickey Thompson have been extremely supportive and are just an email or phone call away.

I could not be more grateful to Mickey Thompson for their support and technical expertise. Thank you!

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