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The Strip at the LVMS - Las Vegas, NV

Sept 9-10

Under the lights for the first time!


Our first night race we attended this year was not what we expected but once again we learned valuable information about racing with this car at altitude and with hot and very dry conditions.

Thanks to my friend Dan Schechter whom we teamed up with to make the trip out to Las Vegas from Texas to ease the expense burden, considering the high cost of fuel. Dan's new rig, a 2006 F350 and a 40' Featherlite gooseneck made the trip a "breeze".

Friday was spent preparing the cars. Although it was hot, windy and very dry, we were able to complete the maintenance by the time the first round of qualifying. The density altitude was at 4437 feet and a barometric pressure at 37.5"Hg.


The first round was not nearly as good as we had hoped for. The tune was off which left us scratching our heads. After 3 qualifying attempts and the #4 spot, we realized that there was work to be done if we were to go rounds during eliminations.



We were able to win round #1 and although we had a slight improvement in ET, the second round would be tough against Ali in his Subaru. As we pre staged for the semi, I felt something strange with the clutch pedal and it appeared that I was attempting to deep stage even though I was not. After staging and all 4 bulbs were lit, I brought the RPM up and the car began to creep which made the top bulb flicker. Too late to change now so I stood on the gas and the RED light was on. RT -0.012. That was that even though Ali blew up big time. Our day was done.


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