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GM Sport Compact Nationals.
The Rescheduled event cancel by rain at the season opener in April
5/7 Odds in Las Vegas!
Another Winning Las Vegas Weekend! Well that's what we had in mind when we left Texas on Thursday morning. However even with the 5/7 odds the Las Vegas bookies had on us, the gremlins of racing were to win, our weekend.

Friday's weather was hot and windy. We had gotten to experience Las Vegas's Monsoon season first hand with an afternoon sand storm. The weather cleared in plenty of time for us to run the last two passes of qualifying. We were hopping to continue our number one qualifier position thru the day but by the end of the third session we had dropped to the #2 position.

Saturday was another hot day and we were determined to stay on top of the racing. We spent the better half of the day tweaking the car, making sure everything was ready for the race. By first round of eliminations we were ready to go.

Round #1 of eliminations paired us up against Tom Simon's 68' VW Fastback. Tom had qualified with an 11.929 ET @ 110.32 MPH. Unfortunately Tom never made it to the staging lanes and so we wound up with an unopposed run which gave us a chance to run the car and see if our work earlier in the day made a differences.


Round two we were up against Jeremy Lookofsky in his DVS Shoe sponsored 00' Honda Civic. I staged Ken into the burnout pit and the officials gave us the thumbs up to go. Ken began his burnout and found out that the line-lock was not functioning. Unable to make a quick fix Ken hoped he would be able to make up for the slow start on the top end of the track. However this wasn't to happen and Jeremy took the win with a 10.978 ET @ 123.19 MPH to our 11.434 ET @ 123.53 MPH.

  Now it was time to help out or friend Jesus Padilla and see if we could help him get into winners circle.


The 3rd round paired Jeremy Lookofsky up against fellow Mazda racer Jesus and his 85' Mazda RX-7. We staged Jesus and waited for the tree to start the race. Jesus won with a 10.790 ET @ 124.88 MPH to Jeremy's 11.410 ET @ 119.52 MPH. Next it was Leslie Durst and her 89' Honda CRX against Scott Mohler and his 98' Dodge Neon. This was going to be a true drag race. Leslie has made some headway this year and is running fast. We all sat back and watched the tree start the race. They were neck and neck through the traps. Scott managed to squeeze past Leslie with a 10.506 ET @ 130.38 MPH to Leslie's 10.526 ET @ 128.82 MPH. What a race!

Final round brought Jesus up against Scott Mohler. This was going to be a tough race for Jesus because he was still figuring out his new fuel injection system and not happy with his performance thru the weekend.

Both Jesus and Mohler staged to the tree. The lights started and Jesus leaped at the lights and managed to red light giving the race to Mohler for the win.

Now its back home to Texas were we prepare for the Auto Trader Magazines Texas NHRA Sport Compact Nationals in Ennis, Texas. August 8th-9th.


Despite wacky weather conditions, eliminations turned up a few shocking results. The first upset in the All-Motor Class came when championship leader Ken Scheepers was beaten in the second round by Jeremy Lookofsky. Scheepers was slow to react with a .743 light and Lookofsky capitalized on that to win with a 10.978 at 123.19 mph.

Lookofsky was beaten in a semifinal race against Jesus Padilla, while on the other side of the ladder, Scott Mohler dispatched Leslie Durst in a great race where Durst post a 10.526 against Mohler's winning 10.506.
The final round was not a good one for the current champion, Jesus Padilla. He lit the red, leaving Scott Mohler to win with a 10.708 at 129.97 mph. Mohler gained valuable ground in the points chase against Ken Scheepers and was happy to claim a Wally for the Mopar squad.
"I really needed a win and luckily, Ken was out early in the event. Now I need to continue this into the next couple of events. Then we will have a real battle for the championship," said Mohler.


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