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Accurate-Reliable & Affordable Air-Fuel Ratio

I believe the most critical and important piece of information a tuner has available is accurate and reliable Air Fuel Ratio when tuning and especially on a high performance racecar. I have been using Innovate Motorsports LM-1 ever since they first came out which was originally installed on the All Motor RX-7 and now on the turbo charged, 900+ Horsepower RX8.


This TOOL can be used by anyone. It is simply the best "bang for the buck" in my opinion. This product is: reliable, reacts extremely fast to rapid changes in you tune, it is inexpensive and compact PLUS you have the ability to hold it in your hand and read Air Fuel ratio in real time. In addition, replacement O2 sensors are always available and customer support is great.

I use another great feature of the LM-1: It has two (2) programmable analog outputs to suit your requirements. This feature permits me to transfer the analog A/F ratio signal to my data acquisition logger so that I can compare the air fuel ratio in real time along with the other vital engine information. the LM-1 has the ability to perform logging on its own and with the use of a laptop and software that is provided in the kit, the data can be downloaded and viewed.

Other important features are the user having the ability to program the two analog outputs to suit their own needs as mentioned as well as being able to select the type of fuel being used. The options are: Gasoline, Propane (LP gas), Methanol, Ethanol and Diesel.

In other word, this is a fantastic tool no matter what level of performance you desire.

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