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The quest to go faster, make more power and have more fun

The car count began to dwindle at local races leaving just two Allison cars at our NASA events, Wyatt Brennan and myself. With the lack of interest in competing at each event in these cars, I was determined to use the opportunity to further increase our power so that Wyatt and I could race with our fellow run group race cars straight up, they being the Miata's, Spec 944's, Ledgens Cars and Thunder Roadsters. It's not a good feeling no is it fun when you get beat time and time again!

I had already had Bullet Cams custom grind a stock camshaft to use and that made an improvement in power which Jay and I used when we attended the 2009 National event at Miller Motorsports Park buy that was still not enough power and so I consulted with Wells Racing Engines, guys certainly knowledgeable in this arena. My mission was to come up with a cost effective way to increase horsepower and that turned out to be to have high compression ratio piston custom manufactured for this engine. The stock 8.7:1 compression ratio was boosted up to 10:1 and suddenly, the car came alive! I would also learn that my carburetor was always changing, some times the tune up would be fine then all of sudden, it would lean out and for months and months, this baffled me until one day I got lucky and found the problem at a race at Motorsports Ranch in Cresson.

It was a worn out emulsion tube in the carburetor. That was it! I was not about to waste $300 on a new carburetor so off came the carburetor and on went fuel injection. Wyatt's dad, Dave Brennan had found some rare EFI manifolds for this cylinder head in California so I purchased one, modified it to fit under the hood, used a Ford Escort throttle body purchased from a salvage yard and then this car literally "came alive" and began kicking butt on the track. It was such a good feeling.

In one particular race at ECR, we (Allison Cars) started 30 seconds behind the Spec Miata's in a split start and by the time our 45 minute race was over, I had passed every last one of the Miata's and won the race by some 6 seconds. Finally, after many hours of hard work and a few thousand dollars, we had us a racecar which is what laid the groundwork for our new car. After this race at the end of the 2011 season, we were on a mission to make a full blown road race car.

Although some of the components were not that good looking, they were after all prototype by nature as is evident in the picture above on the right. Drier tubing and a plastic container Air Box for the air cleaner.

As you can see below, the stages of modifications yielded remarkable results with relatively low cost items. I probably spent about $1,000 on hardware and machine shop work plus my labor. Cheap I'd say!


This car is without a doubt, a whole lot of fun to drive, very low budget, runs on pump gas and you can race all year on one set of tires. How cool is that?

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