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Ken's 3rd Number One Qualifier for this year!
Number One Qualifies. George Ioannoue, Nelson Hoyos, Cesar Febus, Marty Ludwic & Ken Scheepers

As quoted in Drag Racing Online:

Scheepers also claimed his first NHRA victory in the All Motor class when he powered his Mazda RX7 to a run of 10.341, 129.42 to knock off Scott Mohler, who fouled at the start. "It feels awesome to get my first NHRA win, I'm so excited," said Scheepers. "I couldn't have done this alone, it's pure, pure teamwork. The monkey is finally off my back, now the quest is for the nines.


After first round of Qualifying Ken holds the number one Qualifier Position with a 10.408 ET @ 128.85 MPH. Ken's closet competitors are Norris Prayoonto and Jesus Padilla both with a 10.484 ET. Are friend Angel Valentin makes it into the seventh position with a 11.083 ET @ 117.14 MPH when all the qualifying action is over with.

In round one of eliminations Ken threw down a 0.545 Reaction time with a 10.542 ET @ 125.41 MPH to put him into the second round. Both Jesus and Angel make it thru to the second round as well.

On our way into the pits Ken mentioned that the rear end was making noise. So we limped the car back to our pit area where we examined the rear end. Sure enough the Ring and Pinion gear failed. Unfortunately we didn't come with a spare so we decide on a game plan so that we appeared to be in good working order.

On our second round of eliminations we were blessed with a bi-run so we only needed to break the beam after the tree signaled go with her green light. Then we pushed the car off the starting lines and towed her back into the pits. Jesus and Angel once again made it into the next round of eliminations as well.

The next round of eliminations set us next to Scott Mohler of team Mopar. We were pretty excited about this round because Mohler has red lighted against us a couple of times this year knowing that he needed every advantage to win against us. Unfortunately for us he waited for the green light this time and sent us back to the pits to put the car in the trailer.

In round three Jesus took out Angel for the win with a 10.586 ET @ 123.25 MPH.

Now it was time for us to change hats and support our friend and fellow Mazda racer Jesus Padilla. Angel, Ken, and I worked with Rolo, Jesus's Crew Chief to help Jesus stage at the line. Jesus was up against Scott Mohler, Team Mopar, in this final round. As Rolo ran Jesus through his burnout Scott and Team Mopar's chance at the race went by the wayside when Scott's motor thru a rod and began to dump oil in the burnout lane. With the tree set to go, Jesus only needed to cross the beams for his victory. However Jesus was ready to race and put on a great show for the crowd, with a 0.536 RT and a 10.624 ET @ 123.02 MPH for his win.

My friend "Kilo" Jesus Padillia


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