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Raceway Park - Englishtown, NJ

Oct 1-2

Our worst event ever - period!

Unfortunately for the team, this was not a good week end. Long story short, the event consisted of one dismal qualifying pass and we were eliminated in the first round on Sunday. All because of a huge mistake I made when I swapped the two trailing ignition outputs to the trailing ignition coils.

However, not all was a loss as we certainly learned a lot and met some new racers and fans. Thanks to all of them for their assistance, support and generosity.

What happened? The engine blew up in a huge way after the first qualifying pass in the pits when I was attempting to test the 2-step boost level. The reason was my error. I had the two trailings crossed causing the trailing ignition timing to be 170 degrees off. This mistake caused a massive detonation which resulted in breaking the rear iron housing in several places.


The pictures show the destruction. The iron has 3 large cracks at 12, 3 & 5 'o clock and the key that prevents rotation between the crank shaft and flywheel is almost sheered in two.

Realizing we would not be able to swap the engine out in time to make the third and final qualifying session, we took our time and worked into the night. Sunday morning was spent double checking everything and "breaking in" the brand new engine. After idling for 30 minutes, we checked the 2-step and all was good. Excited about our chances for the first round as we were on the "good" side of the ladder, I truly believed we were going to make a fast pass and hopefully set a personal record.

That did not happen. The burnout was good and once I pre-staged, I realized something was not right. The clutch felt weird (new experience) and once we were staged and I let the clutch go, the car barely moved. The engine shot up and hit the rev limiter and the input shaft reached a maximum 2565 RPM. The clutch slipped so much so fast, it would not even permit the car to move and we were towed off the track.

I am confident we will correct the clutch issue and be running really fast sooner rather than later. Stay tuned for those results.

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