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Another huge blow!

After our personal record breaking seven second run in Virginia, we were optimistic about our week end because we didn't change a thing. With two of my family members here to see the action who flew out from South Africa, my brother and cousin, I was excited and felt good about our chances even though we had some great competition.

The feeling in the pits prior to our first qualifying attempt was great and felt as though the monkey was finally off our backs and we would be able to race and have some fun. We checked the engine prior to the attempt, compression was excellent in both rotors, new NGK spark plugs and filled with gas. We were ready for another 7 second pass.

Again, as was the case in Richmond, during the burnout the car felt really strong so I thought we should make a good pass at one of my favorite tracks. As I engaged 4th gear, BANG. It was over and this time a cloud of smoke filled the cockpit. This had never happened before. Fortunately the catch pan caught all of the oil and water form the grenaded rear iron housing. No fluid on the tires or on the track.

With not enough time to change motors between rounds, we sat out round 2 of qualifying and hoped we would be able to improve in the final round on Sunday morning. I had a spare engine and small turbo That was not to be and for the first time in this teams 5 year history, we did not make the field.

As an alternate, we made an attempt with the soft engine but it just was not meant to be. I red lighted and was only able to run a 10 anyway. What a disappointing week end!

We still managed to have a little fun! Just not with the racecar.

L-R Ken, brother Graham & cousin Rodney

Graham & Rodney having some fun driving the 13B rotary powered Rollerskate

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