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Atco, New Jersey yields Win Number 4!

Ken's 5th #1 Qualifier for this year!

After what looked like a possible rain out, Ken managed to take his forth Wally and our fifth number one Qualifier for the year.

The trip began as usual with Ken picking me up around noon, and us beginning the long drive. However this time the drive would take longer than normal to complete. When we arrived in Washington DC, we had the unexpected pleasure of enjoying the pre-rush rush hour traffic on Friday. Which wound up delaying or trip by over two hours while we enjoyed over twenty-five miles of US Route 440.

Saturday morning we stepped out of our hotel to see Mother Nature was blessing us with rain. We went on to meet some of the other racers and teams for morning breakfast at IHOP. When we arrived at the track we along with the other teams took this time to go over the cars and to help each other out hoping for the rain to clear out for a chance at some racing. However Mother Nature had other plans for us that day and so as a result, no qualifying was held. Which meant the options for Sunday were to have only one chance to qualify if the weather was good or to go into the race based on points standings.

Sunday came earlier than normal. With us needing to be at the track at 7:30 am. The weather forecast called for early cloud cover with the sun poking its head out later in the day.

As the day progressed we were able to get our one qualifying pass in. Ken keep to his standards and laid down a 10.398 ET @ 126.21 MPH making us the number one qualifier for the fifth time this season. First round brought Nick Novack with team Saturn to the line. Ken managed a win with a 10.468 ET @ 126.32 MPH to Nick's 12.204 ET @ 112.15 MPH.

Unfortunately the track conditions weren't good and Manny Cruz found the wall during first round in Pro RWD. Manny walked away without injury however his car will be out for some time this season. The race was called due to time and would call for us to come back Monday to finish.

Monday the sun poked its head out and began to warm the track. The Atco track officials went out of their way to prep the track prior to our second round of eliminations. Ken took time to walk both lanes of the track to check conditions for himself with a handful of the other drivers.

Second round was to start soon and we were anxious to see if we would have a competitor to run. However Dedrick Medina was unable to show due to time constraints and had to go home along with several other teams. Ken ran unopposed with a 10.369 ET @ 128.02 MPH.

Third round Ken was again unopposed and chose this time to test some adjustments on the car for preparations for the final round.

Final round mated us with Scott Mohler from team Mopar. Scott has been putting down some better times and his MPH has gotten faster than ours. So this was going to be a drag race for sure. After the cars were staged all I could do was watch. Ken put his foot to the floor and brought us our 3rd NHRA Honda Tuning All Motor Victory with a 10.341 ET @ 124.84 to Scott's 10.453 ET @ 129.50 MPH.

Man what a race and another exciting adventure to talk to my friends about.

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