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 The inaugural Extreme Import International event held in Aruba, Netherlands Antilles January 27-28-29,2011 included a car show on Tuesday evening followed by test and tune on Wednesday night, qualifying on Friday night and the eliminations on Saturday night.

Over all, the event went off very well and the fans in the stands for test & tune, qualifying and the main event proved that point. As one might expect for an inaugural event, hosted by local business man Frans Ponson and his team, there were a few hiccups but considering they had never organized such a logistical undertaking before, they did and outstanding job and all of us from the USA & Puerto Rico all agreed that we would return in 2012.

The weather was great, the food and hospitality was great and the people of Aruba were wonderful.

   Thanks to 3G Racing Team & Tito Chassis for organizing great event

On a personal note, I want to thanks all of the local racers and friends who helped me out, spending may hours changing two motors. One before the event even started and the second after probably the worst blow up and oil down I have ever experienced. Never before has a front plate literally broken & cracked an entire section plumb off. It literally fell off leaving 5 studs which hold the engine together exposed. Pictures will follow when I get the car back to Texas.

I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was with myself and which has to be my poorest performance in my decade of drag racing. To all of the fans who expected a great race from me, I sincerely apologize to have let you down. I know what is expected on me and what I expect of myself. I will be back, you can count on it.

Although I made it down the track just twice, the same can't be said for the rest of the cars. The others all ran in the mid to low 7's providing the fans with a great sense of pride when their own Frans Ponson driving his 93 RX7 "Hailey" built by none other than Tito Chassis, who built my car, ran a 7.34 ET. Then on Saturday's qualifying, the bas was raised by the RX3 "Kenneth" with a 7.23 ET.

More of the event coverage and pictures courtesy of Race Junkies in Aruba. Event Video link: Video

A great turn out by the fans in Aruba.


Nuclear Banana

Dream Machine


Jamina & Gail

December 2010:


January 9, 2011: The car was tuned as best I could making 876 hp at 35 PSI of boost. I believe the modifications to the manifold will make a difference on the track. Since retuning home to Texas after being stuck in Birmingham, AL for 20 hours due to snow and ice, I have modified the program and I believe we should see some great ET's in Aruba.

While in Orland, we stopped by Tito Chassis Shop to make a small change to the door pillars by adding a small strip of carbon fiber to deflect the air over the door windows and prevent air entering the cockpit and pressurizing it. This is to prevent the top of the door popping open at 170 MPH.

We loaded the cars into the container in Orlando and the 6 cars were to ship after clearing customs Monday, January 10th. Here are some pictures of that and a video link on the Dyno. Dyno video link:

January 25, 2011: Departing for Aruba so we can enjoy the warm 80 degree weather and put the pedal to the metal.

Car show in Aruba 1/25/11

 I will report back after the event.

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