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  An International Opportunity 

For the first time in my drag racing career and for the famous Mazdaspeed RX8 tagged the "Nuclear Banana", we will leave the shores of the United States of America and head to a foreign country to compete. I can't begin to tell you fans how honored I was to have been invited on this trip to represent the USA.

It is my understanding this is an annual event held in Aruba in which 6 cars from the United States will compete in one or two different classes against the Island's finest. I also understand that the track is very well prepared, that there are some really fast Pro-Stock cars plus we will race at sea level and at night which should result in the ability to make good power. We fly into Aruba on 8/27 for a fun packed week end, Island style to represent the USA.

What setup will I use in the RX8 for this event? Following the Pan Am I analyzed the data I collected and even though the car makes really good power and improved torque, I noted that there was one very important area where the performance has fallen off following the modifications the car underwent during the 2007-2008 off season. That is the 60' times. The reason was 35% less boost on the 2-step for the launch resulting in the 1.23 second compared to the 1.08 second it ran last year. Consequently, I have made changes to the turbo combination and gone back to what I know works. This combination will be tested in Aruba for the first time in a few weeks and I am very optimistic the Nuclear Banana will back to equal or better performance, especially with the intercooler that takes the 443 degree (F) air leaving the turbo and reducing it down to 170 degrees entering the new Gato Performance intake manifold. Depending on the air temperatures we will experience for the night racing, these temperatures may improve. One thing is for sure, the engine uses a lot less fuel than it used to, to make the same or slightly better power.

August 11, 2008    The car is loaded and being shipped from Miami to Aruba for a fun week end of drag racing where I understand we will run heads up against the island's finest and duke it out. Stay tuned for the results.

What a Blast!

Participating at this event was both an honor and pleasure. We all had such a great time both at the track and off. The people were great, the accommodations were great, the "local" food was great and the track was great. I have to admit, I had my doubts about the track but that was soon dispelled after I almost equaled my best 60' time with a 1.09 in the second test session down the track.

We played during the day and raced at night. Always hot and humid but great never the less! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures during the racing. One thing is for sure, the locals enjoy their drag racing. The event each day ran from 7pm to 2am with non stop action, live TV, plenty of cars and motorcycles and fans.

Enjoy the following pictures and you will see for yourselves just how great this trip was


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