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2000 to 2011

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My experience started out with a desire just to own a Mazda RX7. I had always loved how they performed so well in the 1970's when we watched them kick butt road racing in South Africa. I purchased a very clean and well maintained 1987 Turbo II RX7 and it was not long before I attend Friday Night's street nights at the Texas Motorplex. It was not long before the modifications began with the help of Chris Ott & Ari Yellon of the famous business an soon I competed in the inaugural, 2001 NHRA Import Drag Racing Series followed by the All Motor RX7 to compete in the NHRA Summit Import Drag Racing Series which later was renamed The NHRA Summit Sport Compact Drag Racing Series. In 2004, I switched from All Motor to the turbocharged Modified RX8 all the way to the end of the series in 2007, then known as the  NHRA Sony Xplod Drag Racing Series.

I used to build and fly giant scale RC planes for fun. My favorite (which I still have) was a 108" wingspan Extra 300s that had a 6.4 cu. in. 2 stroke, twin cylinder engine, a 30" propeller and a smoke system to fly aerobatics and haven't as much as started it in 10 years. I used to love "tearing up the sky" and one day I just decided I wanted switch gears and own a sports car. (the single guy thing) I remember my early days, back in South Africa as a teenager when the rotary's used to perform so well in road racing and seeing my first generation RX7 on the street and thinking to myself, I'd love to have one of those cars! As the saying goes, the rest is history!

With 2 runner-up National Championships, a World Street Nationals title, 8 NHRA "Wally's", 2 NOPI Xbox trophies, several ESPN2 Television interviews, several other trophies along the way, I can honestly say I had a good blast and that drag racing was good to me.

PICTURE of Hardware

My journey began in 1999 following my divorce, many months of pulling myself back together and having the ideas that I would like to go fast again, as I had done growing up in South Africa on motorcycles, mostly "home made" built by my late step father out in the country then eventually competing in outdoor Motor Cross.

It all started after the purchase of my first RX7, a 1987 Turbo II. I hadn't owned the car for two months when I began the quest for what at first would be a fast street car. That decision and the two great guys, Chris Ott and Ari Yellon at Rotary Performance were the catalyst to my journey.

The Turbo II was in excellent condition. As I recall, it had around 87k miles on the odometer and had been garaged all its life, the previous owner purchased it new and had kept impeccable maintenance records and it had never been in an accident.

To be continued.

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