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Texas World Speedway, CCW


For this event, we had two evenly matched cars and when it was all said and done, young Wyatt Brennan put a spanking on the "old man"! It sure was fun to have cars that could compete and be a lot of fun to drive.

While leading the first race Saturday, while attempting to pass a slower car,

I screwed up for the long race on Saturday! We made some changes to the car which required me to remove the wheels and when I put it all back together, I somehow forgot to tighten the left rear lug nuts and during the pace lap, the car felt like it had a broken panard bar so I drove around slowly to the hot pits and after me jumping out of the car to see what was wrong, Stretch noticed the lug nut loose. I strapped back in while he went back to the trailer too get the impact wrench. Once tightened up, I was down two laps but ran some good laps with the fastest on the next to last lap.


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