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8/12/08: Just as soon as the import or sport compact drag racing events faded and the racers began to wonder what they would do and where they would be able to race their cars, along came a few great people with a great idea and in just a few short day, the list of top notch cars have committed to making this event one of the finest ever. If you would like to check out the forum where it all started, go to

The rules are rather simple: 4-cylinder or 2-rotor, 3/4 chassis or full chassis and that's it! Now the world will be able to see who has what in the horsepower department, especially for the rotary community and fans. Side port vs. semi-peripheral, 80mm turbo vs. who knows what and finally weight. There is no weight minimum and I know there are cars weighing 1,800 lbs and big HP. That said, hold onto you seats and hats, this will be an event unlike any we have ever witnessed.

I am personally very excited to be one of the cars and drivers who will represent TEAM USA. I was excited to be able to qualify for the Pan Am in Atco earlier this summer (11 out of 53 cars) but I believe in my heart that this event will surpass and again, be unlike any we have ever competed in. The competition will be fierce and a lot of pride will be on the line and you can rest assure that I will fly the USA flag during every burn out.

What setup will I use in the RX8 for this event? Following the Pan Am I analyzed the data I collected and even though the car makes really good power and improved torque, I noted that there was one very important area where the performance has fallen off following the modifications the car underwent during the 2007-2008 off season. That is the 60' times. The reason was 35% less boost on the 2-step for the launch resulting in the 1.23 second compared to the 1.08 second it ran last year. Consequently, I have made changes to the turbo combination and gone back to what I know works. This combination will be tested in Aruba in a few weeks and I am very optimistic the Nuclear Banana will back to equal or better performance, especially with the intercooler that takes the 443 degree air leaving the turbo and reducing it down to 170 degrees entering the new Gato Performance intake manifold.

As you will see below, the list of cars below are very impressive so say the least.

1. Nayelis- 7.09@194 2. Pica Motors 7.13@191 3. Yankee 7.17@189 4. Papote 7.22@187 4. .Men in Black 7.27@190 5. 2 Fast Motorsports 7.31@185 6. Little Gabriel 7.34@184 7. Maijalin 7.34@182 8. La Tranquila 7.46@180 9. Yeinimar 7.50@180 10. Yakery 7.61@177 11. Wichito 7.61@176 10. Zagaz Racing- 7.69@177 12. Gianerick 7.69@177 13. López Connection 7.70@175 14. Carlos Racing 7.72@173 15. Precision Time 7.86@169 16. Choky is Back 8.30


Here is an example of a typical fan email I received to illistrate the enthusiasim and excitement this event is generating:

Hey Ken just a regular fan of the sport. I'm heading out to Puerto Rico to see the event coming up Thanks Giving weekend. Best of luck out their in Puerto Rico. I just hope that you and the Fellow American drivers from the states. Like Dee, and Justin, and Brent understand the significance of you guys coming over to our country. For the last 13 years in the sport we have been left out and only seen as a side attraction at the National NHRA events. Thanks to you guys that have taking this Giant Leap to come to Puerto Rico It finally gives us the Credit we deserve. I don't know how good your Spanish is but in the forums all over the internet people are awaiting the arrivals of your cars. The Best way I can describe how the Puerto Rican people feel about this great event is to compare to that OF Jackie Robinson breaking the Color barrier In the US a years ago. Maybe the Language barrier in Puerto Rico wont allow many of the local fans to express their joy of having you guys race in our track. I just wanted to state on my behalf the Importance of this Event coming up. I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will put on a great show. So that weekend of November will be Puerto Rico's first time shine In the Bright Lights of the racing World. THankz for Being Part of this Great Moment of our History. Ps Lets put does American Flags real high on the 16 cars from the state to represent the Rotary Power of the Puerto Ricans Living in the US...........Thanks for your time.  I Hope you pass this email to the Fellow  American Drivers. On the Behalf Of many Puerto Ricans that wont be able to communicate with you guys thanks for giving us the chance to shine!

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