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June test shows promise
Written by Ken Scheepers   
Sunday, 05 June 2005
We were all pleasantly surprised last Friday evenings single 1/8th mile pass when we achieved a 1.17 second 60 foot.

With the new Garrett turbo and new exhaust manifold, the car is finally starting to work as we know it should. Being able to launch the car with sufficient boost has totally changed the way it has been in the past. This is awesome.


Having made the turbo changes and identifying "maintenance" items that have to be inspected regularly, I feel as I did when we first rolled the car out: Rejuvenated

Although I was only able to make a single pass, it was certainly enough to lift us up and make us believe that this car will be competitive sooner rather than later. The reason we only made a single pass was I thought I had a "soft engine" and a potential boost control creep so rather than be "impatient" I called it off.

Here is what the run looked like. The data log showed I was "In the gas" for just 3.2 seconds which was when I felt something didn't feel right and got out of it.

60' - 1.788, 330' - 3.1664, 1/8th 5.1516 @ 111.17 mph

This tells me that the car is definitely capable of a mid seven second 1/4 mile in it. HALLELUJAH. We will be trying again on Sunday, weather permitting. Stay tuned.

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