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Saturday, 23 April 2005
     Recent testing proves the car definitely has the potential to be competitive in the Modified class. Encouraged by recent 1/8th mile testing results, our spirits were lifted when we were able to get down the track and post some fairly respectable times.
Although we realize we still have a way to go, we are moving in the right direction. With the "pressure off" and taking the time to review one item at a time with accurate data acquisition, we learned that we are able to make decisions that improved our performance.

Even though our new enhanced MSD ignition failed prematurely and knowing the Microtech LTX-12s has the power to drive the ignition coils and make good horsepower, we finally able to manage the boost at the start line and down the track.

I had made a big change to the clutch adjustments prior to the test session in an attempt to make the clutch lock up sooner than it had in the past and consequently, it was a little too much. With insufficient air gap, when I staged and attempted to get up on the 2-step, the car crept through the lights resulting in lousy 60-foot times. That said, we are now really close to finding where we need to be with the clutch.

We made just 2 low boost passes before our local 1/8th mile track closed and were able to run a 5.52 @ 134 with a really bad 1.52 60-foot.  Knowing we have more power available and with the clutch dialed in, I feel we should be able to improve on these times considerably.

Weather permitting; we will do more testing prior to the Englishtown race April 30th - May 1st. Stay tuned.

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