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The season to rebuild and regroup

Following the 2007 season where we had a major explosion in the crazy final round against Brent, it was time to have a new intake manifold made along with several other modifications such as new turbo location, the addition of the intercooler and 5" down pipe.

Below are several pictures of the changes made and thanks to all who helped and worked on the car to make these changes, especially

January 30, 2008

Currently, the car is in Florida where is is undergoing slight modifications to rectify the problems I discovered during the off season. The time I spent analyzing the data logs from the D200 Dash revealed a major issue that I overlooked all year long. As they say, "learn the hard way"  New items include:

bulletNew GATO PERFORMANCE intake and exhaust manifolds
bulletNew 5" down pipe
bulletNew Larger throttle body
bulletFuel Flow measuring on the D200 so we can see how much fuel the engine is actually using
bulletUpgraded boost control on the D200 to protect the motors

Gato, Tito & Pito. Without them, this would not be possible. Mucho Gracious!



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