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March 5, 2007

       Idemitsu and Team Ken Scheepers partner for the 2007 Sport Compact Drag Racing Series.


February 2007

With the final testing in 2006 being very successful, I elected to "leave it alone" with the exception of a few minor things in order to comply with the new rules.

Since the PRI Show in December, the car remained in Florida at Tito Chassis to save an additional round trip to Florida.  Leaving the work to the Pro,  Tito has done a few thing which include stiffening up the front of the chassis, a new motor mid-plate, a new wind shield to replace the one that was damaged by the fire in Englishtown, a new deeper catch pan to comply with the 2007 rules and lastly, Tito reinforced the bottom of the front nose to prevent it from flexing.

The car will also be wearing two brand new Mickey Thompson Bead-Lock wheels to conform to the new 2007 rules plus two new MT Drag slicks. These are great looking wheels so look for them at the track as we will be one of the first to use them in competition.

As for the engines, this year we will have two "almost alike" motors, each with two-piece eccentric shafts with the additional center bearing. The only differences is one shaft is the Guru shaft and the other, the MPS shaft which I used in 2006. As a side note, I did not have to replace a single bearing, main or rotor, the entire 2006 season thanks to a terrific Idemitsu Racing lubricant. I am also convinced that the 3-main bearing eccentric shaft is the only solution to many problems in these high horsepower 13B engines caused by "flexing". On the left is the MPS shaft and right is the Guru Shaft.


Continuing with the engines, I am also convinced we have the reliability we will need in 2007 to seriously chase the championship. I feel certain we will be able to do a complete race week end on one motor without any loss in power. I think I proved this point by using the same motor for the final in Pomona plus the December testing without opening it up. All I did was change the oil!

Another "uplifting" part of our motor combination is we will use the same turbo as in 2006. I was using an 80mm compressor so, unlike all the other rotary powered cars, we won't have to dial in a new combination in 2007 to meet the new turbo rule. All of the intake temperatures are "near perfect" without the use of an intercooler which is a huge plus.

To be continued:

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