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We wrap up the season with Win #4 for the year


First and foremost, I have to thank all of the guys who played a key roll in helping me achieve the success we had in 2007. Eduard, Victor, Juan, Tito, Kilo, Russ & Lonny. Without them, it would have been far more difficult. Second, to the sponsors who provided support. Mazda, Idemitsu, NGK, Mickey Thompson, PCS, Innovate, Tito Chassis & Kilo Racing. This successful season would not have happened without your support. Thank you!

A career best 4 Wally's' for the year , 2nd in the championship points standings and a couple of nice checks to boot!. A remarkable achievement considering the level of competition in the 3/4 chassis Modified class.

I honestly pulled into Pomona with great confidence and a felling we had a good shot at winning the event. I had literally gone through the car from front to back including installing a new rear end gear, checking the transmission plus I had built a good fresh motor and had added an UNTESTED nitrous system "just incase" I might need it to run Brent down. My good friend Jesus Padilla would be there to assist me with the tuning so I felt good about our chances.

For all qualifying attempts, I elected not to use the nitrous. The first round of qualifying results just blew all that hope and confidence to hell in a hand basket. An 8.765 Et at a mere 145.67 mph. I just could not believe how slow we were. The engine "missed" the entire way down the track. We analyzed the data spark plugs and added more fuel for round #2.

The second round of qualifying was a little better but it was still way off the pace with an 8.275 ET at 163.65 mph. Still a full second of where we needed to be. Again we analyzed the data and spark plugs and again we made changes to the fuel map.

Round three was a disaster. Still down on power, all the car would do was an embarrassing 8.734 @ 164.17 mph. I just could not get a grip on what was going on. The motor was good, compression was high yet it would not make power. During the evening, we checked and double checked each injector, we checked the ignition and spark but could not find a problem.

For the first round of eliminations on Sunday, I decided to gamble and use an old setup with new spark plugs and an adjusted clutch. We had just 3 cars in the class so even if it didn't work, I would still end up 2nd in the championship if I lost. This proved to be a step in the right direction as we won the round with a respectable 7.728 ET at 170.64 mph plus a good reaction time of 0.036. This put us into the final against Brent.

Now I had to use the bottle! As I mentioned before, I have never used nitrous in this car before so I was going to use it untested. The big question was; What would it do? We would soon find out.

Brent an I elected to "run the final" during the second round of eliminations. Both cars had "juice" and we were both going to try very hard to win the event. I made a small change to the map following the first round and programmed the nitrous to turn on once I engaged second gear so I was hoping for a fast pass.

I am almost certain that the final round of eliminations during the final event of the season has to be the slowest, weirdest and most exciting for the fans and racers that were watching. Here's how it went down. We both did normal burn outs, the staging was normal, I had another good reaction time of 0.055 and the moment I pulled second gear I felt the explosion so I pushed in the clutch, the motor was revving at over 5000 rpm so I shut it off and began to pull over to the wall as I thought for sure that I had grenaded the motor and was oiling down the track when suddenly Eduard come on the radio and said "keep on going, he is broke too". I tried looking out the left side because I could hear Brent revving his motor but because of my Hans device, I couldn't turn my head far enough. I tried starting the engine up again but it would not run so I just moved myself back and fourth as best as I could in the seat trying to "help my momentum". I coasted to the winning 18.958 ET at a whopping 39.61 mph to Brent's 19.527 ET at 39.66 mph.  MOV was a staggering 36 feet!

Brent had blown up his transmission and I thought the massive backfire had bent the throttle blade as we started it up in the pits after the race. The motor was OK believe it or not.

After spending a few day in California with Kilo and Able shopping for more parts, I drove the 1370 mile trip back to Texas alone in 28 hours, stopping for 8 1/2 hours to fuel up and rest. This evening, I unloaded the car and took the engine out to discover the damage done by the massive backfire. The intake manifold front runner had split open down the inner seem weld. Just as well I didn't get the motor fired back up or I would have most likely caught the car on fire.

I don't think I will try using nitrous again any time soon and I think it's time to retire this great manifold.

Stay tuned for more updates as I have some interesting things I will be doing and testing. Again, I want to thank everyone for their support during this season.

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