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Personal MPH Record

178.92 MPH in the 1/4 mile

The intent of competing in this event was to drive the car for the first time in 2007 and test the two changes that were made. They being the chassis modification and the new rear wheels and tires.

I also tested my spare engine that now has the 3-bearing eccentric shaft and it proved to be every bit as good as my race engine which obviously was making some good horsepower to run the almost 179 mph. What I learned this week end will be very valuable for the upcoming race at Moroso and thanks to the guys who helped: Victor Sanchez, Anthony Bulger, Edward Laureano and Pro Mod guru Rich Mathews for his valuable knowledge and mentoring.

My first round of qualifying only consisted of a burnout because of a fuel leak. Thank goodness it didn't catch on fire because there was a lot of fuel in the new larger catch can. We pulled the manifold off and thanks to the Durst's, we were able to make the repair and make the second round of qualifying.

What would be my first pass down the left lane, all nervous was not so good from a drivers point of view. I didn't get it up on the two step long enough to build boost before I let the clutch go and I got out of the groove and rattled the tires as I pulled 3rd gear then "ventured" toward the wall but stayed in it to run a 7.76 et. Although I did not collect any data from the first pass down the track nor did I do a long enough of a burn out, it felt OK and elected to make no changes for the third and final qualifying session.

With my nerves settled down following our conversation in the pits, we prepared for the last round of qualifying at about 6:45pm. The conditions were better as it had cooled down when we made our pass. Remembering that the tires were still new, I elected to do a burn-out in 4th gear all the way to the 1/8th mile that the crowd loved. Not in any hurry, I staged correctly and blasted off a 7.67 at 174.6 mph to place us in the #2 qualifying position. Although the clutch slipped a lot, the data we collected was good and we felt like we could make some minor changes to the clutch and tune to run well in eliminations.

Sunday morning was spent servicing the clutch and adding more weight plus making a very small change to the fuel map.

The first round (Semi Finals) of eliminations would pair me up with a Mustang who qualified with an 8.1 et. I elected to run in the right lane and went through the normal sequence and staged. As I put my foot down on the gas while the 2-step was engaged, I suddenly realized I had not re-set the air gap on the clutch and once the RPM and boost came up. With over a 1000 psi brake pressure on the front brakes, it wasn't enough to hold the car back and when I saw the light turn red, I cursed and motored down the track to use the pass as another test.

Once again, the car went straight down the lane and would end up being the fastest speed I have ever driven a car down the 1/4 mile. So after adding more clutch and leaning the tune out by just 1%, the car picked up an incredible 5 mph. WOW, what a jump.

Although the time slip was not good because I only really started accelerating after I tripped the bulb, It still wasn't to bad. Here is what the time slip looks like:         RT -.153, 60 foot 1.364, 330 foot 3.397, 1/8th mile 5.095 @ 144.75 mph, 1000 foot 6.573 and 1/4 mile 7.829 @ 178.92 mph

All in all, I learned that the bigger tires (32 x 14 MT's) has changed the clutch setup and know where it needs to be, I learned as I had thought that the tune is still too rich and finally, I leaned that the engine combination I have is reliable and will make the power necessary to be competitive this season and run at Least a 7.5 without leaning on it or turning up the boost. Now I will put in the race engine and be ready for Moroso.

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