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This '87 RX7 Turbo II was the first rotary powered car I ever owned.  It evolved from a daily driver that had been garaged its entire life to a powerful street vehicle. Thanks to the guys at Rotary Performance ( in Garland, Texas.  A sleeper on the street and a whole lot of fun to drive.



RX-7 Dyno Sheet 

Pomona Podium Finish 2001

2001 NHRA Import Drag Racing Series
Street Tire Champions.
Ken Scheepers, Ari Yellon, Steve Kahn

Compression Ratio:
Chassis Power:
Chassis Torque:
1/4 Mile:
Boost Control:
Blow Off Valve:
Fuel Pump:
Fuel Management:
Ign. Management:
Rear End:
Front Brakes:
Rear Brakes:

Front Tires:
Rear Tires:

Rotary Performance “Street Port” 2- Rotor, 13B Rotary.
80 Cubic Inches (1308 cc)
8.5 : 1
481.4 hp @ 6500 rpm, 22 psi Boost & 138 mph in 4th gear.(T66 Turbo in 2001)
431.5 ft-lbs @ 5500 rpm (T66 Turbo in 2001)
11.428 seconds @ 124.37 mph. Houston, Texas. 9/8/2001
T04E on GReddy exhaust manifold & wastegate.
GReddy Front Mount
Custom 4” cold air with Bonez Air Cleaner
Rotary Performance double aluminum alternator pulley
Apex AVC-R controller with GReddy Wastegate
TurboXs Type “H”
Rotary Performance competition pump (In tank)
Haltech E6K controlling 2-550cc & 2- 1600cc Injectors
Haltech E6K, Stock coils w igniters & Jacobs “Rotary Pro Pak”
Custom 3” downpipe to wye & dual 2 1/2” Edelbrock S/S mufflers
ACT pressure plate and disc on stock flywheel
Stock Mazda 5 Speed, 1st-3.48, 2nd-2.02, 3rd-1.39, 4th 1.00, 5th-0.76:1
Stock Mazda assembly with 4.10:1 gear and limited slip differential
Tokico 5-way Adjustable struts and springs
Stock Mazda 10.5” x 0.9” vented discs with 4-piston calipers
Stock Mazda 10.7” x 0.8” vented discs with single piston calipers
Enke RSE 17” x 7.5” (Street Tires)
Enke RSE 16” x 7.5” (Drag Tires)
Yokahama A520’s 215/45ZR17
Yokahama A520’s 235/40ZR17
BF Goodrich 255/50R16 Drag Radials
2930 lbs including driver.





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