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Great test session!

bullet60'        1.180
bullet330'      3.383
bullet1/8        5.171 @ 138.85 mph

As the 2005 season draws to a close with the final event next week end, we elected to make a couple of small changes to the car and go and test at our local 1/8th mile track with the weather here in North central Texas near perfect and density altitude at 1432 feet. We would have preferred to test at the 1/4 mile in Ennis, however the Lucas Oil Series were in town resulting in the track being closed for Test & Tuning.

The greatest news for us is the fact that we have FINALLY figured out where to set the clutch. It has literally take us all year to figure this out and that in itself will make life for us a lot easier and more competitive in the future.

Our plan was to make just 3 passes on this brand new engine and clutch combination which we did with good consistent results. Consistency is another important component we have lacked all season and it feels good to finally have it, or at least with this combination. Now we will have to build on that during the final event in Pomona.

We still have more to do with the chassis. The tires were spinning and the wheelie bars were leaving approximately 10 feet of marker down the track so we will correct that and make the car faster I'm sure. I will consult with Tito for the changes I need to make for the final in Pomona.

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